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Celebration for Equity in Education 2021

"This is what unity looks like"

Hamilton County showed up in a HUGE way and our hearts are full! Thanks for making it such a positive, supportive and exciting day! Grateful to have worked alongside Communities Allied for Racial Equity, Westfield Parents for Change and the most inspiring student board ever representing schools all across Hamilton County. We have spent thousands of hours the past month planning but today made it all worth it!

“This is what community looks like,” chanted our students from all over Hamilton County. And we couldn’t agree more. One of the most powerful lessons RECN has learned since we started this work is that our students are amazing, and putting them first never, ever backfires. The Celebration for Equity in Education was another peaceful event centering our youth and we are grateful to our entire Hamilton County community for showing up.

Let’s keep showing up for them like this at events, at school board meetings, at the ballot box. “This is what Unity looks like!

For additional pictures, follow the link below!

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